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The Academy has been a leading dance educator in South Australia for over 40 years. Students throughout that time have benefited from the expertise and knowledge imparted from lessons in dance, drama and singing that has seen its graduates achieve considerable success in their fields. The studio originally was titled the Sheila Laing Academy of Performing Arts and under the wonderful Directorship of Sheila Laing many students achieved great success.

In 2004, Elayne Cherry and Michelle Hoffman became the new directors of the studio and renamed the studio Danzartz. In 2007, Elayne took over full directorship of the studio and renamed the studio Elayne Cherry Dance Centre. For the next three years, Elayne saw many students through the studio and onto full time schools and companies- including WAAPA, Australian Ballet School, Queensland Ballet and New Zealand School of Dance.

In 2010, Carissa Neate-Lammers became the new director of the studio and under her directorship the studio has undertaken a fresh, youthful, optimistic turn. Carissa’s enthusiastic approach to dance and fitness is spread throughout the studio and its students and the passion for dance and vitality in life is evident. In 2012 the studio began SACE Dance again and continue to produce Adelaide’s finest dancers as well as providing fitness and dance education for adults and children of all ages.