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"My daughter loves all her classes. The school has a lovely community feel. All classes are great and there are so many different styles on offer- not only ballet, jazz and tap but others such as limbering and boys class and concert rehersals. End of year production well worth the effort."

"You made our wedding dance a moment that we'll remember forever. Being able to take a partner out onto a dance floor and twirling about, smiling and enjoying life, instead of sitting on the side watching everyone else have fun, has been a life changer.

Dancing is fun and I'm glad I'm not going to get old, look back at my life and say Gee, I wish I learned to dance!"

Brady Aldous

"Great Concert! Very Professional. Loved it!"

"Classes at Carisma Dance and Fitness are valuable and fun. Miss Carissa's personable, yet professional approach makes me feel comfortable and able to participate in all the classes I attend.

Circuit is a great general workout that combines cardio and weight training. It is an excellent start to the week.

Personal Training is tailored perfectly to my fitness and weight loss needs and I enjoy seeing my progress through measurements and photos each month.

Fitball is a great low impact workout for the whole body and an excellent stress reliever on a Friday night.

Adult Beginner Ballet is my favourite class at Carisma Dance and Fitness. It builds tone and muscle strength but it is also graceful and beautiful. Going to this class is 'my' time for the week and I love to stretch and mould to the music. One day soon Miss Carissa might let me wear a tutu in a concert!"

Catherine Aldous