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With so many things to organise for a wedding, couples often forget to prepare for their first dance as husband and wife.

Surprise your guests by learning to dance, either by learning just a few basic steps or dazzle them with a choreographed routine. A beautiful bridal dance is achievable.

Lessons can be booked casually or in blocks.

To achieve the perfect bridal dance, think about the style you want- maybe a sensual rumba, magical waltz or dramatic tango. Think about the music - your favourite song, one from a movie, or if you haven’t decided, we can offer assistance.

Together we will create the perfect dance for one of the most memorable days of your lives. 

"The last thing I wanted for our first dance after getting married, was swaying fro side to side. With Carissa's wonderful help, we danced up a stormand brought most of our families to tears! Thank you Carissa for helping us to make our perfect day, more perfect!"

Shelly & Simon Fisher

"Our wedding dance was everything we wanted it to be and MORE! We had a wonderful time and out guests thought the dane, in particular, was spectacular! Thank you Miss Carissa!"

Catherine & Brady Aldous