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classical ballet r.a.d

Classical ballet is the strongest foundation for any dancer and is the foundation for most dance forms. We highly recommend all students take at least one ballet class a week. Technique and discipline are the key aspects of a ballet class however, our aim is to keep classes fun and enjoyable for all ages. Traditional ballet foundations will be used in all classes class begins at the barre where the student gains strength and balance with the stability of the barre.

In the centre the same exercises are repeated but jumps turns and balances are added to produce flowing movement.

Students are taught to stretch and lengthen the muscles and have the ability to then analyse movement.

Students are taught to stand correctly without tension, which eventually becomes a habit.

Students learn to activate muscles in co-ordination with this proper stance to produce movement with lightness, speed, grace and strength.

Confidence and posture are greatly enhanced by classical ballet and students can master other forms of dance with ease.

For little people our Fairies and Elves Dance Club is ever popular introducing pre-school children to the magic of dance with themes appropriate of their age.


junior school

(fairies & elves - grade 5)

  •  Fairies and Elves - 3 & 4 years

R.A.D. Syllabus

  • Pre Primary - 5 years
  • Primary - 6 years
  • Grade I - 7 years
  • Grade2 - 8 years
  • Grade3 - 9years
  • Grade 4 - 10years
  • Grade 5 - 11 years

The school's syllabus is the Royal Academy of Dance syllabus, (commonly known as the R.A.D) and annual examinations from Grade I up are available for students wishing to follow this examination system. All students wishing to enter for exams must fulfill class attendance requirements and achieve the school's technical standard. All necessary information will be supplied to all parents in plenty of time for examinations. All classes are performance orientated. From Primary onwards an additional class is incorporated into the weekly class schedule. In all dance styles students will be placed in the most appropriate class for their age and experience but are always welcome to attend exam classes outside their own level; just ask the staff for advice on the most suitable classes.

NB: The school requests that enrolled students not attend any other school or summer / holiday classes without permission. Although the school appreciates that the knowledge gained from a wide range of  teaches and teaching skills can be good for the student, very often, conflict within teaching methods can arise thus confusing the student and lessening progress.

boys classes

To introduce the fundamental basic technique essential to promote the development and understanding required in a boys ballet training at an early age. Specialised male tuition is necessary in the early years to allow for a smooth transition into the more complex training in the future.

The boys train primarily in the R.A.D. syllabi. Within this training structure, specially devised exercises have been incorporated to develop, carefully and strongly, a male ballet technique. Boys ballet training is different in many ways to that of girls and this syllabus provides a well thought out intelligent progression. In addition to set syllabus classes, boys only classes are provided at all levels and training.

senior school

(intermediate foundation - solo seal)

  • Intermediate Foundation - 1l + years
  • Intermediate - 12 +
  • Advanced Foundation - 13 +
  • Advanced I (Intermediate) - 14 +
  • Advanced 2 (Advanced) - l5 +
  • Solo Seal -must hold Advanced 2 Certificate

Our Senior School is based on the The Royal Academy of Dance syllabus with major examinations available for all students with the required technical skills to further their training and qualifications. Exams are optional and a personal decision. On successfully gaining your Intermediate examination you are entitled to enrol in the R.A.D Teacher Training course. On successful completion you will be a qualified R.A.D. registered teacher. This means you can teach R.A.D. and enter students for examinations -a possible career path worth considering. Alas without Intermediate RA.D. this option is not possible. Our Senior School also offers Open Classical Classes which are not syllabus based but designed to extend each student both technically and artistically and enable them to think and perform beyond the structure of a set syllabus.

Senior School Students are encouraged to attend classes outside the minimum number for their grade.

Jazz, Tap and Contemporary are recommended to acquire a variety of styles. More performance based activities will be introduced into classes held after the examinations.