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Fun, recreational and excellent in improving rhythm, co-ordination and helpful in releasing inhibitions.

Jazz is neither syllabus nor exam based.

There are three levels of Jazz at the studio and students are divided as follows-

Junior Jazz - Pre Primary - Grade Three
Inter Jazz - Grade Four - Intermediate Foundation
Senior Jazz - Intermediate - Adults

Jazz is a less structured form of dance many children and teenagers find Jazz enjoyable for fun and fitness. Jazz classes are offered to all ages. It helps students develop the posture and co-ordination for everyday life.

Jazz involves stretching and strengthening the body and then learning amalgamations, turns and jumps that will be put into a routine for them to perform. It is recommended that Jazz and Classical techniques be learnt together as they compliment each other.

Our aim is to focus on the technique side of dance, whilst still being able to dance to the latest music and choreography. At the start of the class warm up, strength and flexibility are to be the focus. Corner work is a huge component of our jazz classes as it helps build strength and technique.