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A fully comprehensive training which is fun and also disciplined.

Tap improves co-ordination, rhythm and musicality.

There are three levels of Tap at the studio and students are divided as follows-

Junior Jazz - Pre Primary - Grade Three
Inter Jazz
- Grade Four - Intermediate Foundation
Senior Jazz
- Intermediate - Adults

Tap is an energetic and dynamic dance style, which has become more popular with young and old since "Hot Shoe Shuffle" and "Riverdance". It is not recommended that students begin Tap classes until the age of 5, this gives more time for the bones of the foot to develop.

We at Carisma Dance & Fitness want Tap classes to be interesting, innovative, technically challenging and fun. A strong technical base will be provided, with students learning correct terminology, the proper way to count rhythms and combinations, different types of rhythms and music and putting steps together which therefore trains students to become future teachers or choreographers. Students will be exposed to all types of tap styles- from old style Broadway tap to hip hop style tap.