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The dress code ensures that the school is represented at its best at all times. It gives the students a sense of pride and encourages self-discipline.

classical ballet

Fairies and Elves to Primary - Pale pink leotard with wrap skirt, full soled ballet shoes with elastics, ballet tights or socks.

Pre Primary and Primary – Pale pink leotard (cap sleeved) with wrap skirt, full soled ballet shoes with elastics, ballet tights or socks.

Grades one & two - pale pink leotard, full soled ballet shoes with elastic and either ballet tights or pink socks , flat heeled character shoes and character skirt.

Grades three to grade five - mulberry coloured leotard , full soled ballet shoes with ribbons , ballet tights and cuban heeled character shoes and character skirt.

Higher Grades ( Grade 6,7,8) - leotard of the directors choice with matching chiffon skirt, ballet shoes, ballet tights, cuban heeled character shoes, chiffon. skirt and character skirt.

Boys - Navy tights, long white socks, white ballet shoes and sleeveless white leotard.

Vocational Grades, Intermediate Foundation and Summer School - Navy blue, black or maroon coloured leotard, ballet shoes, demi-pointe shoes, pointe shoes and character skirts.

In the colder months students may wear a crossover or tight fitting spencer.

Hair is to be tied up off the face neatly in a bun.

When buying ballet shoes remember that they must fit the feet firmly. Like all shoes, if they are too small or too big, it can impair the correct movement.

We prefer all students to show their shoes to the teacher before ribbons or elastics are attached, to ensure a good fit.

jazz & tap & musical theatre & hip-hop uniform

Students may wear a coloured leotard or sports top of their choice with black Jazz Pants.

Hair must be tied back off the face in a Pony Tail or Bun.

Students are not allowed to wear baggy clothing of any kind as it interferes with teaching.

Split Sole Jazz Shoes and correct Tap shoes for the level of the student. Sneakers for hip hop.


Students may wear a leotard of their own choice with dance pants stirrup or footless tights and socks.