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1.First brush the hair back into a very strong, tight  ponytail at the back of the head (a). If the hair is very wispy or not all the same length, a little water through the hair is a great help. For more important occasions 'gel' should be used at this stage. It is VITAL that the ponytail is as tight as possible, or else the bun will flop around (especially when doing pirouettes).

2. Take the hair and gently twist it around (b) and then lay it around the elastic on the head in a continuing circle in the same direction as the original twist, making a shape like a snail shell (c). Tuck the tail in neatly, (Don’t wind the hair into the snail shell too tightly thus causing the bun formation to poke out from the head like a sausage).

3. Using thick, strong 'fringe' pins (d) gently take the hair almost from the centre of the bun with the prongs Parallel to the head (e) and push pin into the bun along skull -not just anywhere like a porcupine. This action will pull bun into a firm shape. Only use as many pins at this stage to hold it in shape before putting on the net (about 4).

4. Using a large hairnet (either sheer or 'slumber'), lay it around the bun a few times (f) - using large nets is more economical AND stronger as they can be used over and over until there are too many holes.

5. Finally, tidy up and secure net in place with more pins in the same way as before, only don't try and take the hair from from the centre of bun or the net will tear.

6. Using 'bobby' pins (g) hold back any wisps on the side of the head and spray.

You can purchase the above mentioned items at a supermarket or  chemist, And “Lady Jayne”  nets and pins are recommeitided.you can make your own good hair elastics to the size you need from hat elastic (from haberdashery stores).