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1. Inside lengths are longer than outside lengths    

2. Fold back of shoe down to how correct position to

3. Sew ribbons onto the satin, attach ribbons slight angle

Use corded backed satin ribbon

how to tie your shoes


To begin with - the small cords at the top of your shoes are to adjust width. Placing the foot firmly on the Floor, pull the cords inwards, secure, knot and tuck into the shoe so they won’t show.

Care: to keep shoes fresh, air them after use by hanging them by ribbons from a door handle or hook.

Do not leave them wrapped in a damp towel or leotard.

Do not dry damp shoes in the oven as this does irreparable damage to the glue.

Reef knot tied at the side of the ankle, then tucked into the binding from the top (out of sight and no bows)