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Carisma Dance & Fitness mounts a major professional production every year.

Production dates are announced at the beginning of each year. Participation is optional, but students must attend a suitable number of technical classes and all production classes to be eligible for inclusion in the production. All students from Fairies and Elves to Adults are involved and it is a very exciting and hectic time.

Rehearsals start in Term 4 and students must attend regularly to acquire all the skills and knowledge required. Extra rehearsals are scheduled closer to production time and these extra dates will be forwarded to all parents in the form of a special notice. Sunday rehearsals are compulsory.

Closer to the production, assistance will be required from parents in the form of dressers, make-up artists, runners, and backstage hands. Please advise the office if you can help in any way. Mounting the annual production is an enormous task and parents are advised that they will be unable to come into the studios during dress rehearsals and / or performances unless rostered to help.

ALL REHEARSALS ARE COMPULSORY as it is essential to have the entire cast present in order for the production to run smoothly. Students who do not attend the rehearsals on a regular basis may be excluded from the production. Please note that extra rehearsals may be scheduled closer to the production.

costume deposits

A costume deposit of $50 is required from all studetns wishing to take part in the concert. The costume fee is then deducted from this and if any money needs to be refunded you will be advised or if amount more than deposit an invoice will be issued which needs to be paid before the production day.

rehearsal fee

The Reharsal fee and BBQ money contributes to the cost of many areas within the production such as;

  • Theatre Hire, including power, heating, cleaning, theatre technicians and consumables
  • Ticketing, including printing and distribution
  • Programs, including graphic design, photography and printing                      
  • Staff costs, including ushers ,theatre manager, stage manager sound & lighting
  • Recording costs for music
  • Cost of materials for sets and properties
  • Cost of materials for costumes and millinery
  • Outside hiring costs or either sets, back cloth or costumes
  • Sound equipment hiring fees including operator
  • Lighting costs including hiring of extra lights and special effects
  • Cost of Fireman, fire regulations state, that during all performances a fireman must be present in case of an emergency - this is expensive

As you can well appreciate these costs soon add up!Please understand that if you are asked to help in some way with the costumes or props for your child's class it is for the benefit of your child. You may feel it unfair especially when you have just paid a levy or you may have too many other commitments. But if you can help in any way we can ensure that the high standards achieved in the past can be maintained and improved upon.

Each class needs a volunteer class coordinator during production time. Please contact the officeif you would like to help. When finalized a list of class co-ordinators will be placed on the Junior and Senior School notice board. Please take the time to introduce yourself to your class co-ordinator and ask what the production requirements are for your class